A Must-have Checklist To Proceed With Selling Your Car For Cash

Posted On Sep 22 2017 by

No matter how busy you are in managing your daily works and activities, if you keep the above-mentioned checklist in mind when selling your car for cash, you can never miss out on anything that is important for successfully making the sell.

Auto Window Tinting In Seattle: Top Window Tinting Myths That You Should Know

Posted On Sep 4 2016 by

The truth is, this is entirely not illegal However, in some areas, there exist rules and regulations that limit the darkness of a window tint. With this in mind, it is then wise to check out the laws in your area so you will be in the know how dark you can go with your window tint. If you are dealing with a company offering an auto window tinting in Seattle, they are surely aware of the shades that are permitted and those that are not allowed in accordance with the local policies.

Window Tinting Will Void Your Insurance

Since window tints are deemed a security product that gives privacy and, of course, boost the strength of the window glass, it is then not likely that your insurance firm will refuse to insure your vehicle.

Drive now and Pay later

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Car financing has enables folks who had no cash in hand own cars on the spot. You can start driving now and pay later however the car is not yours until you finish the payments. Most of the times new cars are pretty expensive and used ones end up breaking down because of a problem you failed to notice during purchase so people opt to buy new ones instead.

In 2010, the Detroit Free Press estimated the cost of the average new car was $29217. Another way to look at that was taken by Comerica Bank, which found in 2009 that the average new car (then costing ‘only’ $26,300) took 22 weeks of the average salary of an American family to pay for it.