Seven Keys To A Successful Rv Trip

Here is a proven blueprint based on extensive experience for the seven keys to advanced preparation for RV traveling. This will allow you to maximize your travels and to minimize problems!

Key Number One:

Important documents to have on hand. Whether paper copy and digital, copies of drivers licenses, passports, medical directives, medical insurance cards and car insurance, and any other documents that are legal and deemed important. If you are in North Dakota visiting friends for example and they tell you about this fabulous scenery in Canada
they would love for you to see. Well, without a passport that is valid, and drivers’ license will this not be possible.

Key Number Two:

Vehicle preparation for your RV and tow vehicle. Be sure that licensing and inspection are current. This implies a reminder to make sure any issues are resolved before the trip. If motorized, does the RV have all the proper maintenance in order; oil, tires, etc. inside the vehicle? Does the
tow vehicle have the same documentation in order?

Key Number Three:

Prescription medicine and over the counter drugs. Do you have an additional week’s supply, at a minimum, of any medications for all traveling together? While Wal-Mart’s are frequently available if you’re deep in the woods and an emergency happens, are you prepared? Additionally, it is a good idea to have a snake bite kit with you also.

Key Number Four:

The weather. Within a few days of traveling, have you started to look in areas you may travel at what the weather conditions will be? This isn’t only important during winter months, but summer and spring bring hurricanes and tornadoes in certain parts of the country. Does everybody understand what to do if you get caught on the street? Do you have a battery-operated
radio packed? You will be so glad you took care of this in advance, although you may never need it.

Key Number Five:

Clothing. If space is limited, this can be challenging. Making sure that some jackets, long pants, and rain gear are available can make your hike to a beautiful area more pleasant if you are ready for conditions.

Key Number Six:

Food. In addition to the regular supplies, take energy/snack bars, drinks, and lots of water. This is important for you and any pets you bring along. Hydration is essential for health reasons and your overall comfort. Ensure that any products for grilling kept in a secure place and that you have containers with lids to discourage raccoons, skunks, etc.

Key Number Seven:

Relax. Take the time to relax on your trip. Part of the great thing about this sort of travel is to clear one’s head and body of the stress that we all find ourselves constantly. Practice taking three to five deep breaths several times during the day. Taking the time in advance of your trip will go a long way in helping to eliminate the potential issues that could arise without taking
these seven steps into consideration. It is well worth all the prep!